Shopping in Cuzco

Your stay in Cusco, Peru is incomplete without visiting one of the many vendors in the area, where you can experience firsthand the Cusqueño’s handiwork. Cusco is Peru's acknowledged center of handicraft production, especially hand-woven textiles. Many Cusqueño artisans still employ ancient weaving techniques, and they produce some of the finest textiles in South America.

Peru's top tourist draw overflows with shops stuffed with colorful, enticing wares. From tiny one-person shops to large markets with dozens of stalls, there are few better places to shop than Cusco for excellent-value Andean handicrafts.

Items to look for include alpaca-wool sweaters, shawls, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets, ponchos; silver jewelry, woodcarvings, especially nicely carved picture frames; fine ceramics; and Escuela Cusqueña reproduction paintings.

The neighborhood of San Blas, the streets right around the Plaza de Armas (particularly calles Plateros and Triunfo), and Plaza Regocijo are the best and most convenient haunts for shopping outings.