Santuranticuy Fair - December 24th

Each December 24th, Cusco comes alive with Peru’s largest folk art fair- Santurantikuy (Saints’ Sale). Hundreds of artisans from throughout Cusco and surrounding regions gather at the Plaza de Armas, bringing their artwork for sale. Some prepare for the fair up to 6 months in advance!
Since after the Spanish conquest, the main product was the Niño Manuelito (Enmanuel, the Child Christ) in many variations, and other characters for the adornment of holiday nativities. Devotees buy figurines of Jesus child sitting in a wooden chair. They ask him for a wish, insert a thorn in the wound in his foot and don’t take it out until the wish is granted.
Goods are varied, from decorative ceramics, wood and barkwork, silverwork, stonework, leatherwork and sculptures to traditional nativity pieces. Visitors can indulge in shopping for presents and souvenir for their friends and family and take a piece of Peruvian culture to their homes.