Holy Week In Peru, Lord of the Earthquakes - Easter, between the 2nd half of March 1st week of April

The Black Christ and the crimson flower
The Holy Week in Cusco is celebrated with the cult to an image of Jesus on the cross or Taitacha, the name in Quechua. In 1650, when a devastating earthquake occurred in Cusco, natives, lords, slaves and mestizos came together to pray to the Señor de los Temblores (Lord of the Earthquakes).

The image is kept in the Cathedral and each Easter it is taken out in a procession through the streets of the city. This resembles the Inca custom of parading the mummies of their chieftains, high priests and supreme rulers. They offered the ñucchu flower (salvia esplendes) to the ancient gods Kon and Wiracocha. Today, the same flower is used to weave a crown for the Lord of the Earthquakes. The crimson petals that are scattered over the image symbolize the blood of Christ. On Good Friday the encounter between Jesus Christ in the Holy Grave and the Virgen Dolorosa (Suffering Virgin) takes place. To honor this, the houses' windows are decorated with glowing velvet draperies and carpets.

Unlike many other places, in Cusco this day is not celebrated with abstinence: it is traditional to prepare 12 dishes, starting with a great variety of soups and ending with delicious desserts made of apple or corn. This celebration allows tourists to get a glimpse of the fusion between Andean religions and Christianity